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  1. Chat message

    I got the email about it LOL
  2. Chat message

    Hey ya'll
  3. Chat message

    Hey ya'll. I responded to Solssta2 and told her how shitty of a mod I am.

    Yeah I am getting a flu shot this year...and Shingles vaxxes...ugh.

    My mom got both IN ONE ARM. She's 86 and highly competitive...with the medical system, apparently. I will get my booster in another month or so, since we had CoVID in August.
  6. Stevie Wonder classic album run poll..

    Songs In The Key of Life. Almost used Ribbon In The Sky at our wedding.
  7. OMG can we talk about this? OZARK.

    Honestly, I understand the reason it ended the way it did, and who couldn't make it, but it was depressing in that rich, corruptible power wins. It wasn't the worst ending to a series I have ever seen, but not the best. The best being Six Feet Under. I know I am vague but if you haven't...
  8. OMG can we talk about this? OZARK.

    The elements of Shakespeare, the family dynamics, the fantastic characters......
  9. How did you feel after taking the COVID vaccine? Which one?

    Shingles isn't new. If you have had Chicken Pox, you can get Shingles. Its really painful and can cause other issues besides the blister rash, since it effects your nervous system. I need to go get my Shingles vax series ( 2 shot version is the better one to get). I have known many folks who...
  10. Post Your Pets Thread

  11. Post Your Pets Thread

    Oh cute bees! What are all their names? Especially that one! No, not that one, the one over there....over THERE! ...nevermind, just say all their names.

    I wear my mask. I will keep doing so.
  13. Chat message

    when did we get a chat?
  14. Site Moderation

    So as a half-assed mod, I am giving my two cents. Enjoy. This place is not the other place. It has directives "don't be a dick" that are pretty easy to adhere to. Some of the very first people on this platform were those interested in more discussion and interaction, with less micromanaged...
  15. Appreciation

    Recently I hopped over to the place that shall not be named, having not been there for God knows how long...and I did something I had never done. Reported a post. It seems silly I know, but I can't believe how much that place has changed, in such a bad way. I am really appreciative of the...
  16. This is weird...

    Those are really nice! If you end up making a website or selling some way, we have a sub heading for supporting members' businesses.

    We are in TN and I am so glad we are vaxxed. SMH!!
  18. I'll look.

    I'll look.
  19. hey where is the thread you are talking about with Siobahn?

    hey where is the thread you are talking about with Siobahn?
  20. BLM

    I don't like the topic, but only because of the ongoing reasons that keep the topic necessary to say!! Whether I am crazy is another thread.

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