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  1. GemInEye

    TFG’s illegal stash of gov’t documents at mar-a-lago & other legal troubles

    Thank you to you and Rodeo I'm sure there will be another uprising before it's all over with. Idiot is still making threats. He must be driving his lawyers crazy.
  2. GemInEye

    TFG’s illegal stash of gov’t documents at mar-a-lago & other legal troubles

    I absolutely can't figure out why he has so many supporters. WTH is going on? Actually, Jan 6 was treasonous. I just don't get it.
  3. GemInEye

    US elections ~ 2024

    We are doomed! I will not vote for Repubs, but I'm hoping we get someone else better than Biden. I keep telling myself that we wanted Rid of Trump so bad and that's how we ended up with Biden. And Kamala hasn't done much at all.
  4. GemInEye

    Shooting in Texas - 19 Children and 2 Adults Dead

    Every day there is another one. Nothing changes.
  5. GemInEye


    The video of Tyre is terrifying. The kid did nothing to deserve this. Something has got to be done with these cops.
  6. GemInEye

    Giants who’ve passed

    Lisa Marie Presley.
  7. GemInEye

    Biden & classified documents

    Us sane people know there is a difference between Biden and Trump. It's the insane (MAGA) people that are trying to make it look like Biden did the same as Trump.
  8. GemInEye


    I've been watching the numbers at the hospital I work at and there are more flu cases than covid cases. Covid cases are relatively low, which is surprising since everyone was together at the holidays.
  9. GemInEye

    Who are your top 5 fav male vocalists?

    Prince, Freddie, George Michael, Billy Joel, Bono, Mick Jagger
  10. GemInEye

    Why Prince didn't marry Kim Basinger

    She didn't grow out of it...her family had to actually kidnap her from Prince to get her away from him. She didn't want to leave.
  11. GemInEye

    Guess who's SECOND of three trials starts today?

    I actually think he's going to end up killing himself.
  12. GemInEye

    I am listening to the Prince album titled "Originals"(2019).

    I love it, the only song I do not like on it, is the one he wrote for Kenny Rogers.
  13. GemInEye

    STICKY: The first "Say Hello and Introduce Yourself" thread

    Glad to see you here Dalia!!
  14. GemInEye

    Video: Tevin Campbell Discusses His Work With PRINCE

    Good to have you here! 🥰
  15. GemInEye

    Political Hodgepodge

    I like that, it pretty much sums it up.
  16. GemInEye

    Political Hodgepodge

    What about Kanye's meltdown? He's gonna lose everything.
  17. GemInEye

    Mid Term Elections 2022

    Wish Obama was still in office! He gave a wonderful speech yesterday, as he always does.

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