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Just been reading a huge thread on a Michael Jackson fan forum about him. This ex rapper Kanye, damye or Ye or whatever he is has become this big time Nazi and is spouting all this anti semitic crap about Jewish people.

Why in God's name - this man is a Black man and he is praising Hitler and hanging out with Nick Fuentes and even Alex Jones is finding him too extreme. What the heck is going on with this guy?

He got booted off Adidas and a few other labels now because of it. Anyone got opinions on this clown. I mean he is even hanging out with Donald Dump. One gossip source he will be running mate with Trump in 2024!
He's a twat, always has been and always will be.
That said he needs to be on his meds. This in no way excuses his actions, I know a stack of people who struggle with mental health, none of them are Nazis, but it may at least balance him out a little
I just had a discussion with someone about the subject and what I find a little bit concerning is the amount of people who say that his bipolar disorder has nothing to do with it. "Bipolar Disorder doesn't make you a nazi" well, no, it doesn't. Because then everyone who is bipolar would be a nazi. However, there is definitely a link between having mental health issues and being vulnerable to conspiracy theories and those are so often linked to nazi ideoligies. If you check the main sources for any theory, you will likely find out that it's mainly nazi groups who spread them. So to me it is not even a shock that Kanye "is now a nazi". Because he's not always been a nazi. People seem to forget how Pro black he was back when he was probably on his medication ( I have no idea when he was diagnosed ).

What irks me the most is how there's two sides to the whole thing right now. People either insult him, or they laugh at him and I'm sorry all I can see is people insulting or laughing at a person who's obviously having episodes on a global stage. Yes, he does need his medication. The problem is that he is in no condition to see that. 4 years ago a singer here in germany jumped of a cruise ship. He was bipolar, had several episodes because he was off his meds. He had no control over his condition on his own. Bipolar is one of the worst diagnoses you can get for that reason. Grown people are not capable of making decisions for their own good. But the way Kanye acts in interviews ( Rambling on and on and just leaving, not realising that the interview isn't even over ), how could people see it as anything other than a mental health crisis?

It's easy to say "he's always been that way" when that's not true. Was he always arrogant? Yeah. But all the crap we see now, he wasn't.

It's a complex issue that can't be wrapped by saying "he's always been a nutty."
He is a Gemini Sun Sign, that sign likes to communicate, they are comical and candid. And they
also like to shock people verbally! Just because they make a remark does not mean that they
are really saying how they "really feel" about a situation!
And as a Capricorn Music Fan, also candid at times, I repeat: Kanye needs to write more songs, record more
songs and star in movies!
I liked his earlier work. 808 & Heartbreak was pretty groundbreaking at the time thought I , yet I dropped off in 2010. The last album I knew of was Dark Twisted Fantasy. So I don't know much about him now other than he got married and more recently received very negative press, plus he got dropped from those companies. I guess there are two sides to a story, But to his story I wish him well.
He's backed off some of the jew bashing stuff, all I have heard is he got banned from something and is dating another white woman. The dude really does not like being Black!

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