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So, as we know from this man's vast career , unlimited creativity & fantasy -driven mindset, Prince, [born Skipper Rogers Nelson] created & used many characters within his artistry for many reason's. Below is a list of names that he used to shape & tell the story of the world of Prince. I thought that it would be fine to create this thread to put a face to a name.:*:

We can possibly have a discussion and find out others thoughts and feelings when it came to his character creation. It's going to be up to the reader to figure out if this thread works for them though , And to many of the OGs here I know this is old news to you , but please spare a thought for the kids like me who on their journey I guess. I for one , have not even opened up 'Love Symbol' yet and have only been introduced to that piece of prowess through his musical/ graphic novel/ film 3 Chains O' Gold. [Which I re-visited last night, as i swear he changed into the actual 3 chains of gold but i must have been dreaming that! ha] Still, as most of us do know not all of his characters were solid images. Some were ambiguous and were on paper through lyric and sound & even a plethora of colour, So, this leads me to believe that it's really up to us to think what a certain character's appearance/personality/ might be.

And to many of the O/Gs here thanks for your time. I'll try to be as precise as possible & update when possible, Your input , memories , & feedback is greatly appreciated.

We can certainly add colour here too, The community here is known as Purple & Black & that is so well thought out, & perfectly put because when thinking of Prince, people connect the colour mainly Purple to this artist, & since becoming a fam, I automatically connected many hues of orange, As that is his energy within his artistry to me..It's like fire. It's quick, or can slow-burn, His colourful words are penetrative, or speedy and can rip right through ya. Andy warhol's art interpretation of 'Orange Prince' as taken from hiis Wikipedia page seals the deal for me on that.

:*: And not only that, he was the only artist who at one point, was nameless. He chose to be known as an unpronounceable glyph. By the way, If one types 'unpronounceable symbol' on Google. The first & only result comes up as a page of Prince & that's pretty something powerful, if i think about it.

3c407a2080aef1e1b664cb3c1fe33b8c.jpg 4a90a322409519299fc71ce5d1ed782c.jpg


~ Orange Prince (1984) is a painting by American artist Andy Warhol of Prince, the American singer, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and director. The painting is one of twelve silkscreen portraits on canvas of Prince created by Warhol in 1984, based on an original photograph* provided to Warhol by Vanity Fair. The photograph was taken by Lynn Goldsmith. These paintings and four additional works on paper are collectively known as the Prince Series.[1] Each painting is unique and can be distinguished by colour.

NB. * Lynn Goldsmith's original photo work.
images (12).jpeg

Below is a list of names, sound & colour & imagery that he used to shape & tell the story of the vast world of Prince.

Alexander NeverMind

Christopher Tracy

The Kid

Joey Coco (sometimes written Joey CoCo)

Jamie Starr


Bob George

Austra Chanel/Project

Paisley Park


Violet [TOG]

Tora Tora

Victor [Sacrifice Of]

Symbol (known to fams as the "Love Symbol") and was often referred by most media as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince (or TAFKAP) or simply The Artist.

Link from Discogs I think it should be included too. https://www.discogs.com/artist/4297161-Ecnirp / Handwritten signature/anagram of Prince.
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[13/02/24/ ]A work in progress!!] To whoever reads this please don't forget that every word , picture & every thought in this thread is only, only, only, up for interpretation [unless he gave a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal clear pic . example - Christopher/The Kid/ Tora Tora , Violet & Victor ]

Otherwise my guys, my Camille will be different to yours, Our Alexander sure be different to Discogs & so on. [*& please let me know if any of you OG's need me to include any alias, i or discogs don't have listed ,like when he checked into hotels etc, like michael did, Remember you lived this, You grew up with him i'm sure. i didn't. And i'm just grabbing stuff from the internet , discogs y'all lol and from what people tell me]
So on that note, I guess we are just zoning in on his creativity/thought process. It is all about your perception & creativity & extended thinking here. He had too many characters as we can see in that discogs link , so it would be sooo cool to me to invite them into this thread. Fun thread. ! :excited:I'll be dedicating [& most likely editing ] a post to each of Prince's dramatis personae. Starting with The start of the art.

Alexander Nevermind

Writing and production alias used by Prince between 1981 to 1983 - the pseudonym may also appear randomly on some bootlegs.

That's who i see ,


but discogs have got Alexander listed as ..

A-271351-1538906643-8764 (1).jpg

Who do you see?
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Christopher Tracy is probably easier to decipher since he had a whole film made about him! & Prince sung about him in 'Mountains'.


The Kid depicted as in [find word] 'Purple Rain'

I feel this is his best protégé, His brainchild. I have a tendency to call this child 'savant' but we can all agree the kid is iconic ... right?

NB. The Kid is also found in the standalone sequel Graffiti Bridge. It was accompanied by a soundtrack album of the same name. 1990's The album which is Prince's 12th studio album was released on the 20th august 1990 & the film was released November 2nd 1990 & so, a few years after Purple Rain.

Here's our kid in 1990 then, & it is easy to picture this one , because we are given a solid mindset / image from 2 films so we get a whole character snapshot in a couple of very important stages of his life. Ironically i think our kid is more grown up in Graffiti Bridge because the film is very much based on spirituality & it is very deep. Very nice artistry & of course gives you something to think about.

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Joey Coco /Joey CoCo
Writing and production alias used by Prince between 1985 to 1987.

So, this guy I seem to conjure up two images here. 🤔 The latter is slightly 1 year out of date. I am sorry i just can't not unsee it. First I see a bold solid colour suited image

But you see, those buttons ...
& then we have the really cool poka-dots ..which make me feel Joey can be a bit of a prankster!,

Soooo, If i think again ...& again .... & once more..


... Joey could be the predecessor of .... JCC!


Yes, yes ... i know we are one year out here since Prince was pictured in this sharp suit in 1988! ...yet It just makes me think of the fabulous Joey CoCo. Fun & carefree ! JCC! So, I like this guy alot.

I need to say another thing he wasn't always joking around, don't get it twisted, Joey was highly intelligent too.


So that's my little hidden thought. How do you see Joey CoCo guys ? Please feel free to add your own thoughts, I think this is a fabulous character & there is alot to discover with our super- duper J!
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variations - J. Starr . Starr J.Star Jami Starr

Jamie is a Pseudonym for Prince's earlier production work as Engineer on his own records and for other artists such as Apollonia 6, Sheila E., The Time and Vanity 6 primarily the years preceding "Purple Rain". Sometimes credited as "The Starr Co." or The Starr ★ Company.

Jamie Starr was The Times mysterious songwriter & producer, eventually morphing into simply "The Starr Company" by 1983.

Madhouse is the creation of Prince, teaming up with reed man Eric Leeds. This collaboration resulted in two albums, 8 and 16 (New Directions In Garage Music), both filled with instrumental jazz-funk, Prince-style
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Camille. 1986

Ok Camille. Even as a newbie I do know that she is quite controversial shall we say & i do know she is probably the most well known as Prince's creations. i mean. i know the story & personally? i like Camille. So she is depicted in much of his earlier work. Up untill... Crystal Ball ? i think .. Some OG do correct the new kid please! :bananadance: She is depicted on Discogs like this :

And so, a bit in the shadows. But we are using our imagination so she gives a great path to creativity.

i think Google pins her as this ?

This is how Camille looks to me.
9e6e0d91dfa44e859e35e4fea885554c (1).jpg

5c3b1848102a86e8a90bfa68a3a82e76 (1).jpg
I embrace Camille guys!. She is one most close to my heart.

To me she was concealed beauty & brawn with high intellect & poetic history. I have a second name for her too but that's another thought.

She gets a bit excited too. She can sometimes come across a bit childish. I.E - Gooooooo0oo0o0oo0o00ood Looooooooo0oooove. Yeah ! i can gel with this one! haha

50cad1a67fad1618fdad6bec7bd4fddf.jpg9e6e0d91dfa44e859e35e4fea885554c (1).jpg

But make what you will with Camille. After all, Camille was just a voice. Although she had a whole album shelved because of her antics. Here is a link to why she just might be considered controversial.
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Well.. I guess next is Gemini. Ah this guy....this guy. :roll: So this one is who I thought of whenever someone mentioned Prince. 🤷‍♀️ That said , he is a pretty iron solid character for the mind because he kept me away from Prince/Skipper for three decades! But sort of putting my childhood discrepancy aside, His presence has been a pretty iron solid weight for the mind since he stayed in my mind for a little over three whole decades. Now how's that for enduring, deep-rooted creativity ?
He can be seen in Partyman & Batdance89 ..

Yeah..Just going to sneak by Gemini here to quickly..

... link this video lol.
& also the second video .....
The extended video which is pretty new to me I have only just seen this lol
& this character is self explanatory. ..*runs*

Back to the facts guys.

According to discogs :
Gemini is not a Batman character, but Prince's own alter-ego, and was not, nor ever intended to be, part of the Batman or DC Comics canon.
Gemini was an alter-ego created by Prince for his work on the Batman project, and was depicted with one side representing the Joker (evil), and the other Batman (good).
Gemini appeared in the music videos for Partyman and Batdance, and on the album is credited with vocals for the latter.
Gemini is Prince's astrological sign, and was used as a reference to the duality between sex and religion throughout his music.


Yes i'm back.. because here's the ironic plot twist. In Batdance89 The Kid/Prince is there playing the guitar !

There he is. So cool.
But that's another story . hahaha.

How does/did Gemini affect you guys? Did he have a strong impact on you , like he did me?

On a thoughtful, much more pleasant note. The outtake/demo of Batman89 [I'll place two videos since i am drawn to the thumbnails ] should have been this, but never made the light of day... Dance With The Devil is one of my fave songs ever by Prince. Now we're talking!
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WIP. / 14.02.24

Violet [TOG] / ded7b5b701fba12d95515f63a25b6fda.jpgTora Tora

Tora Tora was a pseudonym used by Prince/Symbol during 1994–95 amid his feud with Warner Bros. Records. Tora Tora, veiled and singing in a pitched-down voice, made multiple appearances alongside The New Power Generation band — unlike other alter egos, such as Camille or Jamie Starr, that solely existed "on paper" as songwriting credits. By the fall of 1995, Prince gradually retired Tora Tora's disguise, as the Warner debacle began to cool off, with only one album left to free Prince from his contractual obligations.

The character debuted in the Get Wild video in late 1994, promoting the first single from the upcoming NPG's second "solo" album, Exodus; it also featured an eponymous "Get Wild" perfume launched by Prince. Filmed at Glam Slam, Minneapolis, the video showed Tora Tora ejecting Brother Jules from the stage (in the re-enactment of the "DJ Gets Jumped" segue). Tora Tora was further mentioned on the Sampler Experience cassette, released by NPG Records in January 1995 and featuring a 30-sec snippet of "(Lemme See Your Body) Get Loose!" from the forthcoming Tora Tora Experience. (The project remained unreleased, with no further details available).

394b7d6957f184f58eb506068abb4f7e.jpgIn March 1995, right before the album release, The New Power Generation performed Get Wild on the renowned Top Of The Pops UK television show; Tora Tora wore a veil with the words "The Exodus Has Begun." When the Exodus album came out on NPG Records, it wasn't available in the United States and worldwide, only distributed in Europe, Australia, and a few more territories. Tora Tora was listed "on double bass, vox & other shit" among the band members, with his photo appearing in the booklet. The O(+>, on the contrary, was only briefly mentioned in "thank you" credits. (One of the unreleased album segues, excluded from the final configuration, also featured Sonny T. cussing off Tora Tora: "…and that no-talkin' silent motherf**ker, how can he see with that mask on? F**k that! Put me in the trunk.")

On 5 April 1995, New Power Generation hosted an autograph session at the Virgin Megastore in London upon the conclusion of The Ultimate Live Experience UK/European tour, where Tora Tora wore a bright-red suit and veil.

Later the same day, the band filmed a five-track set at Westway Studios for Channel 4's live music show, "The White Room." (Get Wild video was released six years later as NPG Music Club download). Another appearance by DJ Tora Tora, interviewing the band members and playing a few songs, was on a half-hour WNPG Radio Show special aired by BBC Radio 1 on 7 April 1995. Tora Tora further participated in promotional videos for the second and third album singles, The Good Life and Count The Days, which premiered in late August/September 1995 on the American TV channel BET (even though only The Good Life maxi-single was available in the USA). Both videos were filmed in June at Glam Slam South in Miami, Florida, during a three-concert series celebrating Prince's second "birthday" as the Symbol. Tora Tora also had a cameo in the 95 Tour Wallpaper 60-min video mix shown on TV screens inside Glam Slam clubs and NPG Stores in Minneapolis and London.

The last known mention of Tora Tora was during the Paisley Park Studios concert on 9 September 1995. Prince, who's already been fronting the NPG without disguise at recent shows, announced that "Tora Tora was in Chicago," so he was going to play a few of his songs; he further jokingly asked Michael Bland to check if Tora Tora was around. The band then performed "Return Of The Bump Squad," and Prince ad-libbed the lyrics, singing "…stuck it up in Warner Bros. face" (further ascertaining that Tora Tora was only part of the protest against Warner).

So, as we can see ..this one has alot to say for himself. And he doesn't say a word! Superb! Genius thinking here. I still await that Tora Tora Experience.
Victor [Sacrifice Of]

So, here we come to Victor . Alot of photos here guys, since the bones & tender soul of this character was present solidly & throughout the self titled album- Love Symbol .
You can feel here his fire, that slow - burn expression , His emotion, values & sound.

Love Symbol/Victor - The album of the character of perhaps a younger one's determination ,strength , transformation & change before going on to do greater things.

From the passion within this album ,You can see Victor is a character parallel to Prince's heart & our hearts, I would believe and although he was mentioned in only one song, titled The Sacrifice of Victor , and spoken momentarily in segue II but was on the front cover of Love Symbol & I get the feeling the earlier version of Victor's presence was reoccurring in 3 Chains O Gold, i see him on the tour Act 1 & Act 2. [Still yet to check this tour out though] although i do know he has a whole book by Terry Gydesen which is rather sought after, & is dedicated to him.


Segue II Not included on the album yet imperative to note.

The Sacrifice of Victor

On a different note. the battle cry of Victor's determination.

Here is a short explanation to what I think track number 16 ~ The Sacrifice of Victor is about. You'd think it is about overcoming obstacles even when something that is seemingly improbable, He shall defy any dirty probability, no ? !! .. like , I guess when you feel the odds are stacked against ya, and you suddenly , somehow come out the 'victor'. The Victory /The Victorious one & you leave that maze of pain & mess behind.

From deep observation of Love Symbol this week within the songs & the references throughout his rock opera 3 Chains O' Gold, then The Sacrifice Of Victor is likely about his childhood pain , points o' discipline and much courage, turning into determination. So when life throws you a spanner in the works, you show people you absolutely can, when they say no you can't. But you can cause you have got the will to want it, make it happen.

If we break down the symbol it could spell out Victor. Maybe the 'C' is too curly guys, but I blatantly see Victor within the Symbol. Yeah i'm bonkers but what the heck.

Let's try it.. Ooh O_O would you believe I actually tried it out on paper & it works. So she shall Google and ....


Edit- Fab to find a picture online. Yep. Google knew this 2. Victory ! I ain't crazy hahaha

From an interview from March 1997.

Leaning back in his chair in the studio, he expands on this topic, “I’m as much a part of the city where I grew up as I am anything I was very lucky to be born here because I saw both sides of the racial issue, the oppression and the equality I got the best of all worlds here I saw what happens here, and it’s not like what happens in, say, Atlanta I used to be part of a busing program that took me through Kenwood every day to John Hay Elementary School and then Lincoln Junior High You can check it out in the song ’The Sacrifice of Victor.’

Including the full interview.

Victor -Victorious

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No way. Honestly. I am a little stunned. 😯 I am a big bit stunned to be truthful! 😯🙀I have received such lovely positive responses towards this thread. :woot: It's really unexpected because um... well, :no: you don't really ever know how members will take these things , :nono:especially with newcomers like,.. busting in & yapping all over the place :bumpit:about things the original fam have a deep knowledge of & have undoubtedly seen & discussed 1 million times already! :roll:🙄🤣🤣:blahblah: Soooooooo, it means alot for the likes & encouragement guys. I'll deffo continue to flesh this out for us all then. :) @Dalia @barnswallow @mdiver & I appreciate it very , very, very much!
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