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I’m posting a long discussion from Meidas Touch here. The 3 brothers who started the network get together and talk about all manner of things. The title only reflects one aspect. It’s about 1h20m.

LIVE: Trump TEARS DOWN the GOP as Biden’s MOMENTUM Grows [MTN; 3.14.24]

What are some of the topics? The Russian guy Smirnov who was behind the misinformation upon which the gop in the House based their impeachment inquiry and a recently revealed connection to d t——. The t—— complete and final takeover of the Republican national committee to the degree that Lara t—— (Eric’s wife?) is now chair; the headquarters have been moved to be in close proximity to mar-a-lago; mass firing of staff. Developments in two of t——‘s court cases. Macron of France 🇫🇷 telling mike johnson to get serious about what’s happening in Ukraine. There’s more.
This strikes me as significant. The judge in Texas who is mentioned in the article has been a favorite go-to for republicans seeking to obliterate women's rights. They shop in order to get the decisions they want. Of course, they're unhappy that their devious tactics are exposed and subjected to limits. One step forward for democracy and a push against the rule of the minority. Yipee.

McConnell Leads Disgruntled Right-Wingers In Complaining About New Judge-Shopping Fix [TPM;3.14.24]

McConnell, you worn-out heel, just another dirty player without an ethical core, another t---- sell-out, who made appearances of putting up a fight. At base, a capitulating swamp-turtle covered in scum. In general, I like turtles.
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The NYTimes has a regular piece, The Conversation, that is a dialogue between two opinion columnists, Gail Collins and Bret Stephens. Collins is more liberal and Stephens, more conservative. It's usually an entertaining read. This week they discuss former VP Mike Pence not endorsing t----, TikTok, possible VP pick for t----, Bernie Sanders proposal of a 32-hour workweek, and concludes with a poem by Emily Dickinson, who I like.

The TikTok question is kind of interesting. They both make good points. It's all good though.

Mike Pence Rues the Day [NYTimesOpinion;3.18.24]
This article is shocking. Absolutely brutal. The predicament explained is one step removed from the company store concept of old, in the US. I don't want to pretend to be naive. There are other shocking stories of modern day slavery.

Before getting to the article, to explain my comment about the 'company store' concept: "Store Pay Is Our Ruin": The Tyranny of the Company Store [historymatters.gmu.edu]

In the comments of the NYTimes article, below, some criticized the sensational story-making. I hope you can read some of the comments because they're interesting. Sometimes articles like this can help bring about change.

The Brutality of Sugar: Debt, Child Marriage and Hysterectomies [NYTimes w the Fuller Promect;3.24.24]

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