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W.J r

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I didn't want to make a thread straight away just incase it is prohibited , Just a reeal quick question to the mods ~
Does PurpleandBlack allow Artificial Intelligence 'fan art' here , or is it something that should never be spoken of again ? 🤔 :grouphug:
Its taken over tumblr like a plague. To be honest I would prefer if we don't have it or any deepfakes or holograms or any other technological shit either. We are honouring an artist at his prime in the late 20th century. Lets keep it like the late 20th century and keep the mid 21st century out.
and keep the mid 21st century out.
I like that mindset . Don't worry I'm very limited with my technology shit. I know where you're coming from though. I'm actually glad i asked before perhaps going ahead with something considered unsavoury of sorts and causing a stew up in this otherwise calm and peaceful place.

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