Purple and Black
Taking Independent and Unofficial Back

The Gold Experience

This is definitely a Top 5 Prince album for me. I remember that era all too well. It was so confusing. I always thought that when Prince had an agenda with an album, he excelled with it and I consider this an agenda album. The bootlegs from this era are also worthy of a collectors series.
But it'll be hard to pick a favourite track. If anything it'll be Eye Hate U (for the guitar solo) or Billy Jack Bitch only cuz it's so funky and that horn section. So well done.
My favorite songs from that album : "Shhh, "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World",
"I Hate U", "Gold". I also have the EP Cassette of "The Beautiful Experience"(1994),
seven tracks, six of those songs are re-mixes of "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World"
song. I have "The Gold Experience" Gold-color CD.

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