Purple and Black
Taking Independent and Unofficial Back

The Revolution Live in London February 13th & 14th 2019 - Great Memories. Anyone else seen them Post 2016?

For The MUSIC FANS, more concerts need to be available on DVD And Blu-Ray
From Prince And The Revolution!

I have The Syracuse concert from the 1980s on DVD - EXCELLENT!
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When I was in my early 20's, I was a College Freshman at one of the Community Colleges.
I studied several music- elective courses(for fun and to learn).
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In 1998, I met Professor/Composer, Musician, T. Cipulo(Sagittarius). Some of
The Music Elective Courses That I Completed:

Intro to music terminology, listening to opera, learning
about Mozart and the many music eras.
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Mr. C was /is also the teacher for intro to learning piano, I completed:

Music 70, 71, 1 credit each. Thumbs on Middle C! The students learned
to read the music notes, play popular songs, etc.
Mr. C was also..... The Chorus Director, students can register for chorus class, 1 credit/
class per semester. And people can Volunteer to sing in the chorus every semester(when
they have time!).

I was one of the chorus members in 1999, Alto, sometimes I sang Mezzo Soprano(The Sopranos Sing
Too LOUD Though!). I volunteered to sing with the chorus on and off.

The Vocal Teacher is Mrs. Reid(LEO), she is a professional Opera Singer/Soprano(SINGS EXTREMELY
LOUD!). For Mid-Term, I Sang: "Let There Be Peace On Earth".
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Doctor, B. Yarmolinsky(Cancerian), he is one of the Intro to Guitar Teachers,
when I was in my mid-20s I started to learn/study Acoustic Guitar, Premier. I completed:
two beginners courses. The students learned to read the notes, play popular songs,
chords, the scales, etc. I still have to practice playing ALL the chords(By Muscle Memory!).
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Two great books for anyone who wants to learn/study/practice reading notes
and playing piano/guitar popular songs:

"Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method, Grade 1"(1948).

"Eckstein Piano Book" - Maxwell Eckstein(1953).
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If The Revolution has not recorded New Music Together - they should!
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