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Also thank you for answering my questions about TT. It's refreshing to meet and interact with the original supporters cause i seriously never knew how large this man's career stretched or indeed what this artist was capable of or anything really, I missed it all. So i'm genuinely catching up.

The very,very, very first piece of artistry from him which poked my curiosity was a video of him playing piano in the summertime , or ...it's a title. Around last spring. And then I bumped into the song Papa [1994] :bumpit: like that, literally.
which led me to re-vist the Thieves in The Temple video , that led to recalling the Graffiti Bridge film plus You Tube was now giving me some documentary/ outtakes from the film and then i quickly recognised it was the guitar guy from BatDance 89 ...This led me clicking on the original track that should have been & was now fairly curious and confused !!
Anyway i quickly got back to a couple of song moments where he was playing guitar on a documentary from 1990, & again on piano soundcheck playing The Ladder.
Then i watched Under the Cherry Moon. ..

After some time, I then slowly discovered There is Lonely , Good love, Tora Tora and the concept of Bob George & Camille, & a live show from 1983.

That live show from 1983

But you know what ? before any of that , i think what made me want to finally seek out more of his artistry was the song Papa , the context of said song, & that very end part of it was something about that whole diverse line/lyric interchange/something else/ and then the concept of Tora Tora and his other characters , & then his alt/punk/ rock roots pretty much sealed that sense of wanting to know more soooo since then I have collected a ton of books and boxsets, and most of the albums .

My top faves so far are ..Controversy ,I have a certain couple of songs I listen to . Dirty Mind, because of that punk rock edge. Graffiti Bridge for reasons , Come , ..Some of the content and the stoic album artwork sealed the deal there then Chaos & Disorder, because of the rock side & [most of] Crystal Ball. I do skip some tracks - but there seems to be some staples there too. I tried to do my homework but admittedly it iis hard to connect / figure out this stuff on your own. I came to that conclusion that when you do it like that , it can be very daunting.

So, I watched the A.Hall show of My Name is Prince performance from 1993 . Great recommendation ! i like when he burnt the tabloid part. I will have to watch it a little more to get it all , & really absorb what I am watching , but i have bookmarked it. Tora Tora is very intense on stage but he is a character i can be doing with. He has a very un-repeated presence I'm very drawn to that. Also , getting out of the character / personas I also favour Skippers rock/ guitar side which would make sense to me , personally to support Prince. Just watching American Music awards 1987 Just been uploaded .. Sign O' the times , and yet another song I have never heard of. Sunshine in the title.
@W.Jr I watched some of the movie clips on YOUTUBE on Saturday. Great music
videos from the "Symbol" album.
That's cool. @Dalia oh Yh It's a really engaging rock opera actually. I think it' can evoke a certain emotion ... /neoteric/esoteric 92' :flower: & funny enough, because its a dark, dreamlike, fantasy driven book/comic book/ early 90's fanzine/ graphic novel then i suppose it is part of why it resonates so well with me as it does, cause it's pretty romantic in places which otherwise , a romantic line wouldn't really grab my attention too well, 🤷‍♀️ But here on this occasion , Plus it has action ~ It's like he really has single handed captured a noetic, poetic time in this art, to me. It's like a snapshot or a timepiece to be fair, it's rather spellbound in some places, an abstract abundance of colour, & it is intensely dark in other areas. Instant nine two, childhood transportation , BHAM! it's carefree , ....a snapshot of sunnier days etc I don't know how they did that or what i truly mean by that, but i wish i could have captured some of that on bloody paper back then. priceless haha. And in places, maybe it is just Victor's extended,complicated avant-garde reverie so we are never really meant 2 know anyway, but something works well & some might even be inspired to write a sequel because of how , ironically unchained it can make one feel.
It depends how a dark fantasy piece affects a mindset or if it has any effect at all though & I know some people don't really care for it unfortunately, & to be honest it is slept on, but it is good when people do & can make a visual work for themselves. And that is how i make it work for me. I only re-visted on sat it because I needed to find out if there really were two endings Dalia ,so I could write about something on our new thread. Which reminds me i need to update.

Anyhow a while ago, when I was about to listen to the Love Symbol album for the very first time, haha yeah ,Annnnnnnnnnnyway I had all this information in front of me telling me it was promoted as a.....this ,.opera ... 3 Chain fantasy rock musical. Like whaaat ? ha! ~ so I was more curious about this rock Opera, that's how I was introduced to that album. And i've been friends with that film ever since so 2 speak. Though, something bugs me ~ when i first found it i swear the ending was slightly different to what i watched recently.

I found & watched the whole project through a couple of people's you tube channels [1 which links to vimeo ]on sat.
edit- Which i'll link to ..i can do that here ,can't i ?

After the review, See this link vimeo ?, click straight to vimeo , join its free and it should be there to watch.

And this channel here if you haven't checked out already, that is -has the ...pretty much everything, which has to be downloaded, Pretty quick & simple.
Has the commercial for the promotion of Love symbol , which i need to revist myself actually 🤔 and the alternative/ figurative art version of IWMWU. And it also has all of his movies. & there's that very expressive alt version of IWUH. you'll see if you do choose to click.!
I liked comic books when I was a kid. I did not know that there were Prince comic books? I saw a few posts
about the comic book on IG. The comic books need to be re-issued for the fans to purchase. And if the
"3 Chains Of Gold" movie is available on DVD, then the fans will purchase it.
I liked comic books when I was a kid.
Yeah same I like certain graphic novels. It can depend on the content but usually the creativity wins.
Excellent comic book! Thanks for posting the video of the comic book! @W.Jr
Welcome. It's my pleasure. I am pleased someone posted it so ha i can bring it back 2 base so to speak LOL

I did not know that there were Prince comic books?
Neither did i @Dalia In fact there is another video i found Have not seen this though.
I saw a few posts
about the comic book on IG.
I will check for any stills or something. It would be cool to add maybe a couple to the fave picture thread
The comic books need to be re-issued for the fans to purchase. And if the
"3 Chains Of Gold" movie is available on DVD, then the fans will purchase it.
Yeah that's a lovely idea.
"The main problem with war Is that nobody ever wins The next generation grows up And learns how to do it all over again No matter who started the argument
Just matters how each one ends How many people really want resolution? Either you do or you don't Either you will or you won't..."

Brand new song to me, instant fave - thanks to @Dalia thank U !


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